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Birth Name: Mika Argos
Real Name: Ballerina
Age: 21
Origin: Mika is not sure what her European family background is, but she thinks of all of Europe as her home. Both of her parents were ballerina dancers that traveled all over Europe and Russia and from the moment she could walk Mika was being trained to follow in their footsteps. By age twelve she was accepted into a prestigious ballerina school on a scholarship. Her first friends at the school were three sisters who two were older than her. Their Father was a rumored Italian crime lord, but when he visited the school he was always nice to Mika, so she did not believe the rumors to be true. She was always invited to go with him and his daughters whenever he came to visit. Her parents learned of the trips and just told her to be careful. Mika thought their warnings were just over protectiveness and ignored it. When Mika was seventeen they went on a trip and Mika and her friends and their Father was attacked and his body guards killed. He told the girls to run and they did, but they were all caught. The girls were blind folded and taken to an unknown location where they were drugged and held captive for many days. Mika came in and out of the drugs long enough to hear what their plans were for her and the three sisters. They were going to be sold as sex slaves. Being drugged she's not sure how she got out, but she eventually woke up in a hospital with her worried parents waiting in her room. Her friends Father had been found alive, but her friends were missing. While in the hospital her friends Father came to visit her and she promised him she would find his daughters. Once out of the hospital Mika joined a traveling ballet troop and set out to do what she promised.
Owned By: Jodi
Picture Actor: Emmy Rossum
Costume Actor: Some Model