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Birth Name: D*Sean Chambers
Age: 36
Team: Gylber Bounty Hunters and Private Investigating Origin: D*Sean's childhood may not have been the best, but it wasn't the worst people have had. He doesn't blame any of the choices he made in his early adulthood on anyone except himself. Out of High School he fell in love with the girl he thought was the one, Diana, and did anything to impress her Father. D*Sean was one of the things that made Diana happy so in her Father's eyes he didn't need to do much. He didn't really know her Father was a mob boss until later into the relationship, but he was lucky that the man didn't have him do anything too illegal. It wasn't until later when he was welcome to hang out at their house more that he learned just what his girlfriends Father did when he saw strange people coming and going. One such person was a masked assassin that went by the name Raptor. The more D*Sean was around the more he realized Raptor was almost always there staying out of sight even in the brightest room. D*Sean talked to other people working for Diana's Father about Raptor. No one seemed to know who he really was and he heard some things that made him nervous about Diana's safety. He talked to Diana about Raptor and she just smiled at D*Sean and reassured him that Raptor would never hurt her. He let it drop after that.
On the anniversary of Diana's brothers death D*Sean came to make sure she wasn't alone since he knew her parents were going to be gone. When he entered the house he heard laughing and talking in the living room and entered to find Diana sitting on the couch next to a young white man. They were looking at photo albums and reminiscing about her brother. D*Sean didn't want to interrupt them, so he turned to leave. As he did he spotted Raptor's mask on the table behind the couch and realized who the man was...and that Raptor was now looking over his shoulder at D*Sean. Diana looked to see what Raptor was looking at and froze as she saw D*Sean. D*Sean now knew he should have called before coming over. This was an intrusion. He apologized and turned to leave. Before the door was even fully open Raptor had crossed the room and stopped inviting him to sit down with them. Diana officially introduces D*Sean to Raptor's alter ego, Derrick Gylard and she tells him the full story of how her brother died...saving Derrick's life. D*Sean listens to them tell stories of Diana's brother and for one night things seem normal. It was a turning point in D*Sean's relationship with Diana after so many years of being together with her. For the worse.
The next night at dinner with Diana's parents her Father invites D*Sean to come over during times he previously had not been allowed to before. D*Sean seen it as being one step closer to getting permission to marry Diana since the woman seems to be over joyous, but he also catches the startled look Diana's Mother has before she flees from the table. Diana's Father makes up some excuse for her and D*Sean's not sure what to think. After he leaves and goes to his car Raptor intercepts him with Diana's Mother flagging him and warns him not to show up and to walk away. That if he shows up things will change and he wont be able to ever change his mind. Diana's Mother tells D*Sean she loves him and if things were different she would want him as a son in law, but that he needs to listen to Raptor and walk away. D*Sean leaves and thinks over what they said. The next morning he's decided it was just a test and he goes to the house.
He's shown to a secret area of the house that he had never been allowed in before and taken to a room where Raptor is sword fighting an expert fighter...Diana. Her Mother is standing nearby watching them and she doesn't notice D*Sean until her husband enters the room with some associates openly talking about his business in front of D*Sean. By what D*Sean hears he knows he was wrong about the warnings he got. When his associates leave Diana's father calls his family, including Raptor and D*Sean, into his office. Diana is very glade that D*Sean has shown up and as he listens to what her father says about since she's building her own family now its time for her to start taking over the business he gets a feeling he was played. Diana's mother looks upset, but keeps her mouth shut. Diana however is over joyed and pulls a file she had already picked out off her Father's desk and hands it to Raptor. She openly tells him to kill whoever is in the file. She doesn't give details and D*Sean can only guess they are in the file. With Raptor's mask on he can't read the man's reaction, but he knows his has to be clear on his face by the look Diana's Father is giving him. Diana's Mother crossed the room and grabbed the file from Raptor who put up no resistance. The next few minutes were a blur with her yelling about the target just being a kid and that she would not allow Raptor to kill him. An argument with Diana broke out between the two women that left Diana killing her Mom with the sword she still carried. Raptor moved and grabbed the dying woman as she fell. She weakly pulled off his mask and touched his cheek with a bloody hand. D*Sean saw tears in the assassin's eyes and he didn't know what to do. He was too scared shit less to do anything. Diana's Mother spoke softly to Raptor and D*Sean only caught four words. Your free and save them. The woman died and Raptor laid her on the floor before putting his mask on. Than he attacked. Diana and her Father were taken by surprise and struck down quickly by the former assassin. Derrick grabbed D*Sean and got him moving before anyone knew what happened. By the time they reached D*Sean's car people had begun to notice Raptor's bloody costume and he shoved D*Sean into the car and told him to get the hell out of there. D*Sean asked him what about him and Derrick told him he was going to bring down they whole damn operation and headed back into the house. D*Sean tore out of there.
A few years past and D*Sean finished college and got an accounting degree, but he lived looking over his shoulder. He picked up a few skills he hoped would keep him alive, but he doubted it if anyone like Raptor ever came for him. As for Raptor he heard rumors among the growing urban legends going around about real heroes fighting crime of one of them being described wearing a costume just like Raptor did. He wasn't sure it was him until sometime later just after he got married to his wife and ended up getting laid off. His wife was visiting family for the night so he went out for a beer. While at the neighborhood bar Derrick in normal clothes entered and sat down at the bar next to him. He ordered a beer and got into a friendly conversation with D*Sean. At first D*Sean didn't realize who he was since he had only heard him talk a few times and seen his face even less and Derrick seemed to pick up on this, so he introduced himself. The two left the bar to talk more in private and went to D*Sean's apartment. The conversation didn't stray much to the past and they talked about their significant others. D*Sean learned Derrick's recently deceased girlfriend had just had their son and that he was getting out of the super business to raise the kid and he told D*Sean about the business he just inherited from his Father. He ended up telling D*Sean he had kept close tabs on him these last few years so he knew he was in a similar situation with his own child on the way and looking for a new career and that's why he had looked for him tonight. After D*Sean talked it over with his wife they packed everything up and moved away from the city and to Derrick's home town to open up Gylber.
The former accountant and former assassin became fast best friends and within a month of moving D*Sean's daughter was born and they made Derrick her god father. All D*Sean had told his wife about how he knew Derrick was that Derrick had saved his life and the answer was good enough for her. As long as he continued to watch out for D*Sean considering the type of business they were getting in to. Derrick made sure D*Sean was well trained before even having him get his private investigators and bounty hunters license. The one thing they both agreed on about the business was they were not going to take their work home to their families. D*Sean kept that promise.
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Picture Actor: Tyrese Gibson